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Caravan Waterproofing Kits

The VersEseal waterproofing sealant combined with the VersEseal Top Coat is the perfect solution for your motorhomes leaky roof or anywhere where the finished colour of your project is critical. Our kits include everything you need to begin waterproofing.

CLICK HERE for our Caravan Bundle Pack application guide.

Box Gutter Repair Kits

VersEseal’s Waterproofing Membrane with VersEseal’s Rubber Caulk is the perfect, easy to use solution to waterproof your gutters, box gutters and flashing. Our kits include everything you need to begin wateproofing.

Please note our VersEseal Waterproofing membrane and Rubber Caulk dry black. To colour match your existing finish, please see our VersEseal Top Coat range available in Colorbond colours, which has been specially formulated to work with the flex of the VersEseal waterproofing membrane.

CLICK HERE for our Box Gutter Kit application guide.

VersEseal Small Box Gutter Repair Kit

Suitable for up to 4m2


VersEseal Medium Box Gutter Repair Kit

Suitable for up to 8m2


VersEseal Large Box Gutter Kit

Suitable for up to 15m2


Do you have a commercial project that needs waterproofing?

VersEseal is an environmentally friendly, volatile organic compound (VOC) free and potable water approved waterproofing membrane. It is used to provide a fully adhered seamless finish for roof sealing, concrete repair, and sealing, waterproofing, plumbing, foundation sealing, waste water storage, pipe and sewerage lining as well as water tank and reservoir sealing. 100% Australian Made, VersEseal is tough and dependable, just like the industries it serves.

Please contact us to discuss your commercial project or visit www.lrmproducts.com.au for more information.



Kevin Earl
I am not totally happy with the end result. Paid top dollar for this product to seal the top of my caravan. I would rate it 4 out of 10. After the tedious task of applying the rubber and then the top coat. 3 coats of each over 5 days to allow for drying time. The top coat is very chalky and seems to scratch off very easily, like it doesn’t adhere properly to the rubber. I suppose I will just have to wait a couple of years and see how it goes. I don’t know if you can but I would like to put a top coat of a good enamel paint over the top for a nice glossy finish and easier to keep clean. Very disappointed
Michael Sparkes
Very easy to deal with very fast delivery great stuff to work with very pleased with with the result
Paul Richardson
I had a small leak on my caravan around a vent on the roof and I had tried using plain old silicon to stop the leak with no success Saw versEseal advertised on face book and thought that’s what I need, a DIY product but gives professional results Applied as per product instructions and had rain before I was able to finish the topcoat but it had already done its job and no more leaks Love this product fantastic results lives up to its name and so easy to apply and works, especially for caravan roofs 👍
Andy Davidson
Sorry guys have not used it as yet, will let you know when finished
David Wilkinson
I purchased the VersaEseal rapid build liquid waterproof sealant to repair an old rusty 22,000 galvanised water tank that was full of holes. The product was delivered promptly, easy to install and my water tank was quickly repaired and is now full of water without any leaks. I was able to repair more quickly can purchasing a new tank and at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended product.
Had a minor leak in caravan roof. Could not find so coated entire roof. In 2 step process
Matt Fittolani
Awesome product, will defiantly use this again.
bruce forrest
All of the above the service and product are second to none😉
Heysen Dennis
The team at LRM are great, they know their product well and provide excellent customer service. We always have our product on time and in excellent condition. Verseseal RapidBuild is a product that has been really popular with our clients and we have never had an issue, its an awesome product!
Andrew Abraham
Brilliant product
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