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Premium Balcony Sealing products for DIY Waterproofing

Are leaks from your deck or balcony causing costly damage to your home? Don't let water infiltration take a toll on your property any longer. Discover the ultimate solution to waterproofing and protecting your decks and balconies: VersEseal.

Whether you want to protect your indoor space or ensure a leak-free outdoor environment, VersEseal has got you covered. With its exceptional ability to waterproof over tiles, VersEseal forms a seamless barrier that effectively prevents water leakage and potential damage to both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to safeguard their property from balcony and deck leaks.

About our Balcony Waterproofing Membrane

VersEseal’s high-quality balcony and deck waterproofing membrane is the ultimate solution for reliable waterproofing, providing lasting performance and peace of mind. The superior adhesion and flexibility of the VersEseal membrane enables you to bridge the gap between your balcony floor and adjoining walls, preventing leakage in this area. Having undergone rigorous testing, VersEseal has obtained approval for compliance with Australian Standard AS4654.1, which pertains to external, above-ground membranes exposed to UV making it the number one choice for waterproofing your balcony.

Reliable Waterproofing for Balconies and decks

VersEseal's high-quality balcony & deck waterproofing membrane excels at bridging the gap between your balcony floor and the adjoining walls, preventing any water leakage. Say goodbye to balcony leaking as VersEseal provides reliable protection. Its UVstable properties guarantee long-lasting performance without being affected by UV. VersEseal's exceptional flexibility and elongation properties allow it to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of balcony structures. VersEseal is the ideal choice for bridging different materials with varying rates of expansion and contraction, even if you have a tiled balcony and a brick or rendered wall. Trust VersEseal for dependable waterproofing and the repair of your leaky balcony, ensuring a watertight and durable seal.

The DIY Balcony Waterproofing Membrane with Lasting Performance

VersEseal offers a simple and cost-effective solution for sealing and waterproofing your balcony, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional. The VersEseal waterproofing membrane has been tested and approved to Australian Standard AS4654.1 - External UV exposed aboveground membranes, ensuring premium durability and performance. With VersEseal, achieving simplicity, reliability, and enhanced safety has never been easier. Our innovative formula allows for easy application by brushing, rolling, or spraying with airless equipment. Additionally, finishing with VersEseal TopGrip can provide an impressive P5 grip rating ensuring a slipresistant finish. With VersEseal, you can have peace of mind knowing your balcony is both protected and safe.

Australian Made Balcony Waterproof Membrane for Quality & Safety

VersEseal's Australian Made balcony waterproofing membrane stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and safety. We take pride in offering VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free products, ensuring that our customers not only receive effective balcony repairs but also contribute to a healthier environment. By manufacturing our products locally, we support the Australian economy while maintaining strict quality control measures. Our ISO 9001 quality certification serves as a mark of reliability, assuring our customers they can trust our premium products to deliver exceptional performance and durability. With VersEseal, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a top-tier solution that prioritizes both quality and safety.

VersEseal is suitable for many deck and balcony waterproofing applications including the following:

  • Waterproofing decks & balconies:
    VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane provides excellent waterproofing properties, creating a seamless barrier that prevents water from penetrating the surface of the deck or balcony. It forms a durable, flexible, and long-lasting membrane that protects the underlying structure.
  • Waterproofing over tiles:
    VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane can be applied directly over existing tiles to waterproof the surface. This eliminates the need for tile removal and provides a cost-effective solution for waterproofing tiled decks or balconies.
  • Repair leaking balconies:
    If you have a leaking balcony, VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane can be used to repair and waterproof the affected area. It effectively seals cracks, gaps, and damaged sections, preventing water from seeping through and causing further damage.
  • Stop water leaking into rooms below:
    By creating a watertight membrane, VersEseal Liquid Rubber effectively stops water from leaking into the rooms located below the deck or balcony. This is crucial for protecting the underlying structures and preventing water damage.
  • Concrete decks:
    VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane is suitable for waterproofing concrete decks. It adheres well to concrete surfaces and provides a durable and reliable waterproofing solution.
  • Timber decks:
    VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane can also be used to waterproof timber decks. It protects the wood from water damage, including rotting and warping.
  • Cement board decks, Fibre Cement (FC) sheeting, Villa board:
    VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane can be applied to cement board decks and Villa board surfaces to provide waterproofing protection. It adheres well to these substrates, creating a seamless and long-lasting barrier against water.
  • Decorative:
    VersEseal TopGrip offers decorative options for decks and balconies. It comes in a variety of colours, allowing you to customize the appearance of the waterproofed surface to match your aesthetic preferences.
  • Non-slip:
    To enhance safety, VerseGRIP and VersEseal Top Grip can provide a non-slip surface for decks and balconies. This is especially beneficial in areas prone to water accumulation or when used around pools.
  • Foot trafficable:
    The VersEseal system is designed to withstand foot traffic, making it suitable for decks and balconies that receive regular use. It maintains its waterproofing properties even under constant walking or other light foot traffic.
  • Cooling (depending on top coat colours):
    VersEseal Top Coat offers the possibility of selecting light-coloured options that reflect more sunlight, potentially reducing the surface temperature of the deck or balcony. This can help create a more comfortable environment, especially in hot climates.

VersEseal, VerseGRIP and VersEseal TopGrip provide a comprehensive waterproofing solution for various deck and balcony surfaces. They effectively seal and protect against water damage, offer decorative options, can be non-slip, and are suitable for foot traffic, making them versatile and reliable choices for waterproofing applications.

How to Waterproof a Balcony or Deck

VersEseal Rapid Build, VerseGRIP and VersEseal TopGrip are water based however, gloves, eye protection and overalls are recommended. Please read the full Safety Data Sheet before

1. Remove any old, failed sealant with a scraper, if possible. If it can’t be removed, treat the area like a gap and reinforce with geofabric as below.

2. Wash down to remove all dirt, dust and grime. A pressure washer is ideal for this. Allow to dry.

3. Lightly abrade the surface to maximise adhesion, use a medium grit sand paper. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust.

4. Apply masking tape to give a clean edge to areas that are not to be coated. PROTIP: Remove masking tape while the coating is still wet and re-mask for each coat.

5. Prepare Geofabric to reinforce along joins, around penetrations and over old sealant. It is much easier to pre-cut geofabric to size before starting to coat the membrane.

6. Brush the first coat of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP liquid rubber over areas that need repair or additional reinforcement. Aim for a good thick coating. Remember, you’re waterproofing, not painting – thick is good!

7. Lay geofabric bandage into the wet coating over joins and around penetrations. Ensure it is smooth with no creases or air pockets. You may need to cut a nick to allow the bandage to neatly conform to any corners or bends. If the fabric overlaps, paint some VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP liquid rubber between the layers to glue it together.

8. Immediately brush a second coat of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP liquid rubber aiming again for another good thick coating to give a wet on wet sandwich with a total wet coating thickness of 1mm.

9. Allow the repaired area to dry. This will typically take about 4 hours at 25℃ with good ventilation.

10. The final sealing step will depend on the condition of your deck.

  • ENTIRE DECK – Apply two generous coats of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP liquid rubber over the entire deck to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 0.6mm over the main deck area and 1.2mm over joints and repaired areas. Apply the first coat NorthSouth and the second coat East-West. Allow to dry for at least 4hrs between coats of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP Membrane. After final coat of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP Membrane, allow to dry for 96hrs before applying VersEseal TopGrip – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.
  • REPAIR ONLY –  If your deck is sound apart from the areas that have been repaired: Apply a third good thick coat of VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP liquid rubber over the repaired areas, to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1.2mm and allow to dry, allow to dry for 96hrs before applying VersEseal TopGrip – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.


11. Allow the VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP membrane to dry for a minimum of 96hrs in good drying conditions (25℃ with good ventilation / breeze). If conditions are not optimal a longer drying time will be required – actual times will vary depending on season and location. If you are unsure or would like further guidance on this please give us a call.

NOTE: VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP should be applied at a minimum total wet coating of 1kg/m2. Ensure this correct coating thickness is achieved to provide longevity.

12. Using a clean brush or roller, apply the first coat of VersEseal TopGrip over the VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP Waterproofing. This may show some bleed through from the black colour underneath. Allow to dry, typically this will take 2 hours at 25℃ with good ventilation.

13. Apply the second coat of VersEseal TopGrip and allow to dry. A third coat may be required depending on application technique to achieve full coverage.

14. The final product should have a DFT of 0.5mm of TopGrip on top of the VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP.

15. Allow VersEseal TopGrip to dry for 24 hours in good drying conditions (25C with good ventilation / breeze as described above)

NOTE: VersEseal TopGrip should be applied at a minimum total wet coating of 1kg/m2. Ensure this correct coating thickness is achieved to provide longevity.

Do not use this water based VOC Free coating system if rain or heavy dew are expected before fully dried. Apply at temperatures between 10℃ and 30℃. Avoid applying during the hottest part of the day.

For Cleaning up, use mineral turpentine to clean VersEseal Rapid Build or VerseGRIP from hard surfaces, use Baby Oil (Mineral oil) to clean from skin. Verseseal TopGrip can be cleaned with water.

For the full application guide please click here.

If you have any questions at any stage of your deck waterproofing project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for tips and advice!
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Balcony Waterproofing Products

Waterproof and protect your decks and balconies with VersEseal’s premium balcony sealing products. Whether you’re a tradie or DIY applicator, trust VersEseal for reliable, lasting performance and peace of mind. Choose simplicity, reliability, and safety with VersEseal’s Australian Made, VOC-free solutions.


VersEseal Rapid Build waterproofing membrane should be applied at a minimum of 1kg per square meter when used in deck and balcony sealing applications. VersEseal TopGrip should be applied at a rate of 0.5kg per square meter. Thicker coatings may be required in specific applications. For customised advice for your project, please give us a call on 1300 891 576 to discuss your particular needs.

VersEseal exhibits excellent adhesion, forming a strong bond with surfaces such as concrete, timber, cement board, Villa board, and tiles. This ensures a durable and reliable waterproofing barrier that withstands foot traffic and environmental conditions.

Yes, VersEseal can be applied directly over existing tiles (if coating over glazed tiles, please contact us for further advice). Its excellent adhesion allows for waterproofing over tiles, eliminating the need for tile removal. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for waterproofing tiled surfaces such as decks and balconies.

VersEseal is a trusted waterproofing product renowned for its ability to seal and protect various surfaces from water damage, including balconies. However, the effectiveness of VersEseal in addressing your specific balcony leakage issue depends on several factors. To ensure the best outcome, we recommend following these steps:

  • Assessment: It is crucial to evaluate the condition of your balcony and determine the source of the water leakage. We recommend seeking the assistance of a qualified contractor or waterproofing specialist to conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Professional Advice: Based on the inspection results, consult with experts who have experience in waterproofing and building maintenance. They can provide tailored recommendations and guide you through the appropriate solutions for your specific situation.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Resolving water leakage requires addressing the underlying cause. In addition to using VersEseal, other actions may be necessary, such as improving drainage systems, or addressing structural issues. It is essential to implement a comprehensive approach to prevent further damage.


By combining the versatility and reliability of VersEseal with professional expertise, you can significantly reduce the risk of water leakage and ensure a long-lasting, waterproof balcony.

Please note that this information is general in nature and intended as a guideline. For detailed advice and specific product recommendations, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable customer support team or consult with local professionals familiar with your region’s building requirements.

Remember, VersEseal is designed to provide exceptional waterproofing performance, and we are confident that it can be a valuable part of your solution.

Yes, VersEseal can be used in new construction projects. Its versatility allows for application on various surfaces, making it suitable for waterproofing decks, balconies, and other areas. Additionally, the VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane is approved to AS4654.1, meeting the standards for external UV exposure above ground membranes. This ensures that it provides reliable and durable waterproofing protection in new construction applications.

VersEseal should be applied to reach the required thickness rather than for a number of coats. For decks and balconies, a minimum of two coats is required to give a final Wet Film Thickness of 1mm at a minimum. This equates to 1kg per square meter. A thicker coating may be required depending on the substrate. Please contact us for specific advice for your project.

It is important not to use silicone or any other new gap filler or sealant before applying VersEseal. These products may contain slow-release solvents that can affect the performance of the VersEseal membrane. Instead, any gaps should be filled with VersEseal Rubber Caulk and bridged over using the Geo Fabric method. This ensures compatibility and optimal results with the VersEseal waterproofing system.

If you have old silicone or polyurethane sealants on your deck which are lifting and peeling, they will need to be removed to ensure you have a solid substrate to coat over. If small amounts of the sealant cannot be removed, treat it as if it’s a gap and bridge across it with Geo Fabric as shown in our application videos.

Our VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane is only available in black. However, VersEseal TopGRIP is available in a wide range of colours including Colorbond roofing colours. We are happy to match custom colours for specific jobs subject to minimum order quantities.

VersEseal TopGrip has been specially developed to ensure it won’t damage the membrane like a solvent based paint would. It will also expand and contract with the membrane, so it won’t crack and peel like standard paint.

We manufacture all of our products in our Queensland factory. Experience has taught us it is much better to deal directly with our customers to give them the best advice for their individual project. Therefore, VersEseal products can only be purchased direct from us online, over the phone or in person. You can find our online shop here:

For further advice about your Balcony or Deck Waterproofing project, please get in touch using the form below or Give us a call on 1300 891 576

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