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Ready to take your waterproofing or protective coating project to the next level? Discover the remarkable versatility of VersEseal Liquid Rubber—a premium product that delivers outstanding results.

With its exceptional properties and adaptability, VersEseal is the go-to choice for sealing, protecting, and enhancing surfaces and structures across various sectors. From construction and automotive to agriculture, landscaping, and more, VersEseal liquid rubber offers a world of possibilities. Seal foundations and concrete structures with ease during construction projects. Create a rubberised, non-slip surface for horse floats and commercial transport, ensuring safety and efficiency on the road. Enhance the beauty and functionality of gardens and outdoor spaces with ease. VersEseal liquid rubber’s insulating, waterproofing, and protective qualities have become a staple in industries that demand durability, longevity, and efficiency. Dive into the limitless potential of VersEseal and discover the diverse range of solutions it offers to meet your specific needs!

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Why choose VersEseal Liquid Rubber?

VersEseal Liquid Rubber is a remarkable solution that offers a multitude of benefits for various applications. This versatile product stands out for its exceptional qualities and certifications, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of projects. Approved to AS4020 standards, VersEseal Liquid Rubber is considered safe for potable water, ensuring the quality and purity of water storage systems. Furthermore, it meets the rigorous requirements of AS4654.1, making it ideal for external UV exposed above-ground membranes. With its VOC-free composition, VersEseal Liquid Rubber prioritizes environmental safety while maintaining its effectiveness. Manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility and proudly Australian made, this product reflects the highest quality standards, providing users with confidence and peace of mind. Whether for waterproofing or protective coating needs, VersEseal Liquid Rubber is a trusted solution that delivers outstanding results.

waterproofing retaining walls

Waterproofing Retaining Walls

VersEseal is an exceptional solution for effectively waterproofing retaining walls. Its advanced formula and easy application make it the ideal choice for ensuring long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion. By applying VersEseal to retaining walls, you can safeguard your structures from the damaging effects of water, such as seepage, leaks, and potential structural deterioration.

One of the standout features of VersEseal is its remarkable flexibility. Unlike traditional membranes, VersEseal can stretch up to 800% without losing its integrity or compromising its waterproofing capabilities. This exceptional elasticity allows the membrane to accommodate ground movement without any detrimental effects. Whether the retaining wall experiences minor shifts or more significant settlement, VersEseal remains resilient, adapting to the changes while maintaining its protective seal.

The seamless and flexible nature of VersEseal enables it to adhere tightly to the surface of the retaining wall, creating a strong and impenetrable barrier. Regardless of whether the retaining wall is made of concrete, brick, or other materials, VersEseal provides excellent adhesion and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its exceptional durability ensures that the waterproofing remains intact for an extended period, enhancing the longevity and stability of the retaining wall.

Construction & Foundation Sealing

If you’re in the construction industry, VersEseal liquid rubber is a game-changer. This remarkable product offers a wide range of benefits that can make your job easier and more efficient. When it comes to construction applications, VersEseal excels at sealing and protecting various surfaces. It’s perfect for sealing roofs, foundations, and concrete structures, providing a durable and waterproof barrier against moisture. VersEseal’s flexible nature allows it to withstand the natural movements or settling of foundations without compromising its effectiveness providing long-lasting results. The VersEseal membrane has been tested and approved to Australian Standard AS4654.1 – External UV exposed above-ground membranes, ensuring premium durability and performance. With VersEseal liquid rubber, you can trust in a reliable and costeffective solution that will enhance the durability and performance of your construction projects.

Construction Foundation Sealing

Equine Industry

VersEseal is revolutionizing the equine industry with its VerseGRIP product that enhances comfort, safety, and efficiency. One of its remarkable uses lies in stable flooring, where VerseGRIP provides an excellent cushioning effect, reducing the risk of injuries for horses and ensuring optimal hoof health. Equine professionals also rely on VerseGRIP for water walkers, creating a durable and slip-resistant surface that facilitates low-impact exercise and rehabilitation. Moreover, wash bays equipped with VerseGRIP benefit from its non-porous nature, making cleaning and maintenance effortless while providing an anti-slip surface for horses during grooming. The advantages of VersEseal extend beyond stable environments, as it
can be used in horse floats and commercial transport vehicles to enhance horse comfort and safety during transportation. With its remarkable adaptability and superior performance, VerseGRIP is transforming the equine industry, prioritizing the well-being of horses and facilitating seamless operations for equine professionals.

Automotive Applications

VersEseal liquid rubber has proven to be an invaluable asset in automotive applications, particularly when it comes to sealing and protecting, providing insulation, and defending against corrosion. Its remarkable sealing properties enable it to create a robust and impermeable barrier, effectively preventing leaks, cracks, and gaps from compromising the integrity of automotive components. VersEseal forms a durable, watertight seal that ensures protection against moisture, dust, salt water and other environmental factors. Moreover, VersEseal’s corrosion-resistant properties act as a shield, safeguarding vital automotive parts from the harmful effects of rust and oxidation. By using VersEseal liquid rubber, automotive professionals can enhance the longevity, reliability, and overall performance of vehicles, ensuring both safety and efficiency on the road.

Industrial Commercial

Industrial and Commercial Applications

VersEseal liquid rubber is an incredibly versatile and durable solution that finds extensive applications in both industrial and commercial settings. With its exceptional adhesive properties and waterproofing capabilities, it can be effectively used to protect surfaces from wear and tear, leaks, and environmental damage. One notable application of VersEseal is as a coating for chemical bunds, which are crucial for containing hazardous substances such as acid and alkalis. By applying VersEseal to chemical bunds, it forms a seamless and impenetrable barrier that prevents the escape of harmful chemicals and ensures the safety of workers and the environment. Additionally, VersEseal can be used as a protective coating for roofs, tanks, pipelines, and various other structures, providing long-lasting protection against corrosion, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. Its easy application process and high-performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for professionals looking to enhance the durability and longevity of their industrial and commercial projects.

Agriculture and Nurseries

VersEseal liquid rubber is a fantastic tool for the agricultural sector. It has a wide range of applications, including waterproofing and weed proofing in nurseries. VersEseal is highly effective and approved for potable water to AS4020 standards, making it safe for holding water for your animals and crops. Whether you need to waterproof irrigation ponds, drinking troughs, reservoirs, or greenhouse roofs, VersEseal provides reliable and durable protection for your plants and water sources. Its weed-proofing capabilities help maintain a clean and controlled nursery environment, preventing unwanted weeds from affecting plant growth. VersEseal liquid rubber is a trusted choice, offering approved potable water compatibility and reliable performance for your agricultural needs.

Agriculture Nurseries
Waterproofing retaining Wall (1)

Landscaping and Gardening

If you’re involved in landscaping projects, VersEseal liquid rubber is a remarkable tool that can greatly enhance your work. When it comes to landscaping applications, VersEseal excels at creating durable and waterproof barriers. It’s perfect for sealing and protecting retaining walls, rooftop garden beds, green roofs, planter boxes, ponds, and water features, ensuring long-lasting performance and preventing leaks. VersEseal’s flexibility and excellent adhesion make it easy to apply, allowing for seamless and efficient coverage. With potable water approval to AS4020 VersEseal is suitable for applying to gardens where food is grown. Additionally, VersEseal can be used for creating weed-proof barriers, keeping unwanted plants at bay and maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your landscaping projects. With VersEseal liquid rubber, you can trust in a reliable and cost-effective solution that will enhance the durability of your landscaping endeavours.

DIY and Home Improvement Applications

If you’re tackling DIY and home improvement projects, VersEseal liquid rubber is an essential tool for your toolbox. VersEseal excels at sealing and protecting surfaces, making it ideal for waterproofing basements, roofs, and even decks and balconies. Its seamless, waterproof barrier provides long-lasting durability, preventing leaks and water damage. VersEseal’s flexibility and excellent adhesion make it easy to apply, ensuring a seamless finish. Additionally, VersEseal can be used for repairing gutters, sealing window frames, and even creating a protective coating for outdoor furniture. With VersEseal liquid rubber, you can trust in a reliable and cost-effective solution that will enhance the longevity and performance of your DIY and home improvement projects.

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