Quality Policy

  1. Verseseal Australia provide a comprehensive range of leading edge products which have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in the fields of waterproofing building and civil construction, sewage treatment structures, corrosion prevention, anti-slip coatings, land sealing, water storage and automotive coatings.

    Verseseal’s quality objective is to:

    1. provide customers with consistent quality Verseseal Australia approved product specifications;
    2. meet our contractual obligations with a view to achieving customer satisfaction, reputation enhancement and repeat business/sales through the effective application of the Company Quality Management System;
    3. ensure that Verseseal Australia products are manufactured to meet the specifications in the Product Data Sheets and in accordance with approved Production Methodologies;
    4. ensure that personnel have the appropriate licenses and competencies to perform their assigned tasks and functions to the required standard;
    5. allocate resources to facilitate the manufacture of quality Verseseal Australia and associated sales, and delivery;
    6. implement and maintain an AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management System;
    7. ensure all Verseseal personnel are familiar with the relevant Quality Management System policies, processes, procedures;
    8. ensure that Management and staff are kept abreast of changes in relevant standards, legislation and industry requirements; and
    9. audit the Quality System and review our performance and assess feedback from customers, with a view to continual improvement.

    Verseseal Directors and Management are committed to maintaining consistent high standards of quality Verseseal Australia and services to customers. We are committed to continual improvement and meeting the requirements and of the Quality Management System through the pursuit of our Quality Objectives. The Directors are committed to the communication, enthusiastic promotion and implementation of this policy. All staff are encouraged to strive to achieve quality outcomes in accordance with this policy.

    Arron Mackley – Director