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Glass Roof Waterproofing

We’re out on site today with some of our expert applicators today doing 1,200 square metres of glass roof. Now that border restrictions have reduced, we’re out in Tweed helping Australian Bay Lobster Producers waterproof their roof.

Megalite Reservoir Repair With VersEseal

For one of our latest projects, we’re out on site here in Southeast Queensland completing commercial repairs on a megalitre water tank – our 22nd to date! Our team of expert applicators completed over a kilometre of joint sealing using VersEseal, to provide a fully protected, potable water waterproofing solution.

VersEseal Clip Lock Roof Repair

VersEseal is widely used for repair on Clip Lock, corrugated, tin or concrete roofs as well as terracotta tile or timber roofs, fridge panel roofs or expansion joints, providing long term protection from chemical attack and penetration of ambient moisture.

Work With Us

Have you got the skills and the equipment to complete domestic and industrial scale application projects? Get in touch today to work with us!

How To Make A Raised Garden Bed For Your Balcony

In this video, we show you how to create a colourbond raised garden bed. We use easily available products along with VersEseal to create a coating membrane. 

How To Make a Raised Wicking Garden Bed

In this video, we explain how to make a raised wicking garden to prevent overwatering your plants. We use VersEseal’s Liquid Rubber to create a waterproofing & UV resistant layer. This prevents water leakage and creates a little reservoir for your raised veggie or herb garden.

VersEseal’s Top Coat Colour Range

Introducing VersEseal’s New Top Coat Colour Range. Traditionally, pant has always suffered with adhesion when adhering to waterproofing products so we developed a range of top coats designed to be easy to use for everyone! 

VersEseal: Waterproofing & Protective Coatings

VersEseal is the perfect waterproofing sealant for almost any surface. From cardboard to timber, it’s perfect to make anything UV protected and rust resistant!

DIY Caravan Waterproofing

Here we explain how to make your caravan waterproof and rust-resistant. Our waterproof caravan pack includes rollers, sealant and two top coat tubs, they’re available in small and large packs. Contact us to get yours today.

No More Leaky Roofs

We explain how to use VersEseal’s liquid sealant to seal any leaky roofs. Whether you’re roof is made of concrete or corrugated iron, our sealant is completely versatile and makes any surface completely waterproof

VersEseal: One Fixed Gutter

In this video, we explain how to repair a leaking gutter with our liquid rubber sealant range. VersEseal is an excellent sealant for waterproofinig leakages in gutters. Get in contact with us to learn how VersEseal can help you!

VersEseal: Waterproofing Cardboard

If you ever need to waterproof cardboard, VersEseal is the answer to that. In this video, we demonstrate the waterproofing ability of our liquid sealant. Get in touch today to get a customised solution.

VersEseal: Stronger Than Concrete

In this video, we test the adhesive strength of LRM’s liquid sealant. We use a hydraulic puller to pull of aluminium dollies that have been glued onto VesEseal’s liquid sealant. 

VersEseal: Keep It Together

In this video, we demonstrate the hold of a coat of VersEseal on capping stone. For all your business and personal liquid sealant needs, get in touch today!

VersEseal: Fresh Water

Our sealant is pefect for water containers like aquariams, potable water, shark tanks, crocodile tanks, etc. We demonstrate the water holding ability of our liquid sealant range.

VersEseal: Fire Resistant

Ever wanted a surface to be fire resistant? In this video, we showcase the fire resistant properties of our liquid sealant. We demonstrate on gyprock and timber. 

VersEseal Top Coat

Take a look at our top coat range, perfect for waterproofing almost any surface. Get in touch today to get your own sealant, roller & top coat pack.

News from VersEseal

The AS-4020 drinkng water specifications was recently upgraded, and now includes testing of leachate. VersEseal was recently tested for this and are proud to announce that we are the only approved polymer modiified bitumen product suitable for use in Sydney’s water systems!

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