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Caravan Waterproofing Kits

The VersEseal waterproofing sealant combined with the VersEseal Top Coat is the perfect solution for your motorhomes leaky roof or anywhere where the finished colour of your project is critical. Our kits include everything you need to begin waterproofing.

CLICK HERE for our Caravan Bundle Pack application guide.

Box Gutter Repair Kits

VersEseal’s Waterproofing Membrane with VersEseal’s Rubber Caulk is the perfect, easy to use solution to waterproof your gutters, box gutters and flashing. Our kits include everything you need to begin wateproofing.

Please note our VersEseal Waterproofing membrane and Rubber Caulk dry black. To colour match your existing finish, please see our VersEseal Top Coat range available in Colorbond colours, which has been specially formulated to work with the flex of the VersEseal waterproofing membrane.

CLICK HERE for our Box Gutter Kit application guide.

VersEseal Small Box Gutter Repair Kit

Suitable for up to 4m2


VersEseal Medium Box Gutter Repair Kit

Suitable for up to 8m2


VersEseal Large Box Gutter Kit

Suitable for up to 15m2


Do you have a commercial project that needs waterproofing?

VersEseal is an environmentally friendly, volatile organic compound (VOC) free and potable water approved waterproofing membrane. It is used to provide a fully adhered seamless finish for roof sealing, concrete repair, and sealing, waterproofing, plumbing, foundation sealing, waste water storage, pipe and sewerage lining as well as water tank and reservoir sealing. 100% Australian Made, VersEseal is tough and dependable, just like the industries it serves.

Please contact us to discuss your commercial project or visit www.lrmproducts.com.au for more information.



John Vanderwoude
Excellent company to do business with fast delivery and a good quality product
Victor Toonen
So far have only used VersEseal on a repair section on or caravan floor to seal the underneath of the floor,easy to use and did a good job, still have to try it on the shed roof to fix a few leaks, happy with it so far.
Anthony Maurici
Bob Bagnall
Only receved product today but appears to be doing the job. Fast efficient service.
Tony Cartwright
Great Delivery and an easy to use Product. Nice that it has a Colour Change from Brown to Black to help to know where you are up to with your coats.
David Cobb
Been a plumber for 30 years, ive tried many products like this before, nothing comes close to it. Very easy to use , very strong and goes a long way. Will defiantly be buying again
Tamika Braslin
Great product, easy to work with, does what it said it does. Would recommend. Highly recommended it.
Good waterproof material for gutter
John Moore
ronald cambourn
Grate service I haven't used it waiting for wather to cool down so I can start the project I can't wate thanks
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