VersEseal Rubber Caulk – Waterproofing Gap Filler in a Tube

VersEseal Rubber Caulk – The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution!

VersEseal Rubber Caulk is the perfect choice for all your sealing needs. It’s convenient, flexible, and highly elastomeric, making it suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. With excellent adhesion to various materials, including concrete, timber, metal, and brick, this caulk provides a reliable and waterproof seal.

Designed to work seamlessly with the full range of VersEseal products, this caulk is the ideal companion for your waterproofing projects. It’s non-slumping and perfect for sealing gaps, joints, and hard-to-reach areas. Whether it’s wall and floor joints, tiled surfaces, or gutters, VersEseal Rubber Caulk delivers outstanding performance.

Once dried, this caulk is suitable for continuous immersion, making it ideal for above and below-ground applications. It’s also UV stable, ensuring long-lasting durability even in outdoor environments.

Choose VersEseal Rubber Caulk for convenience, flexibility, and reliable waterproofing. Trust in the brand professionals rely on and make your project a resounding success.

Size: Each tube contains 300ml




VersEseal Rubber Caulk combines advanced features to offer a reliable, versatile, and convenient solution for various sealing needs.


Key Features of VersEseal Rubber Caulk:

  • Convenience: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is engineered to simplify the sealing process. Its easy application ensures a hassle-free experience, saving time and effort. Whether working with vertical or horizontal surfaces, this caulk guarantees convenience and ease of use.
  • Waterproofing: With superior waterproofing properties, VersEseal Rubber Caulk forms a tight seal, effectively preventing water penetration and safeguarding surfaces from damage. It offers exceptional performance in gap filling and sealing applications.
  • Flexibility: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is highly flexible, allowing it to accommodate movements and surface shifts without compromising its sealing capabilities. Its elastomeric composition ensures no cracks or leaks occur due to changing conditions.
  • Compatibility: VersEseal Rubber Caulk seamlessly integrates with the entire range of VersEseal products, enhancing its compatibility and versatility. When used together, optimal performance and durability are ensured.
  • Versatility: This caulk exhibits excellent adhesion to various materials, including concrete, timber, metal, brick, and most panel systems. Its versatility makes it suitable for sealing applications in diverse environments.
  • Structural Integrity: VersEseal Rubber Caulk maintains its shape and structure, eliminating the concerns of messy application, sagging, or dripping. This feature makes it easy to work with and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Comprehensive Applications: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is ideal for sealing penetrations, joints, roof gaps between sheets, wall and floor joints, tiled surfaces, movement joints, gutters, and box gutters. Its application extends to finer detailing and hard-to-access areas, ensuring a comprehensive seal.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions, VersEseal Rubber Caulk offers exceptional performance even when continuously immersed. It guarantees lasting protection in both above-ground and below-ground environments.
  • Water-Based and VOC-Free:
    Our environmentally friendly formula is water-based and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dangerous goods.
  • UV Stability: VersEseal Rubber Caulk maintains its sealing properties when exposed to prolonged sunlight, thanks to its UV stability. It ensures long-term durability and reliable performance in outdoor applications.


VersEseal Rubber Caulk provides unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and performance for all your sealing and waterproofing requirements. Its compatibility with other VersEseal products, wide range of applications, and resistance to harsh conditions make it a reliable choice. Professionals trust VersEseal Rubber Caulk for its exceptional performance, and by choosing this product, you can ensure the success of your next project. Don’t compromise on sealing and waterproofing—choose VersEseal Rubber Caulk for peace of mind and long-lasting results.

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3 pack, 16 pack


VersEseal Rubber Caulk is only available in black. However, the VersEseal Top Coat range has been specially designed to adhere to and flex with the liquid rubber membrane. It is available in a wide range of colours including Colorbond colours. For further information please click here.


VersEseal Rubber Caulk offers a wide range of applications due to its exceptional features and properties. Here are some specific areas where VersEseal Rubber Caulk can be effectively used:

  • Roofing: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is an excellent choice for sealing gaps between roofing sheets or tiles, preventing water penetration and ensuring a watertight roof. It can be used in larger roof gaps between sheets, offering reliable protection against leaks.
  • Wall and Floor Joints: The caulk is suitable for sealing joints in walls and floors, especially in tiled surfaces. It provides a flexible and durable seal, accommodating movement and preventing water infiltration on decks, balconies or other tiled areas.
  • Penetrations: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is ideal for sealing around pipe penetrations, plumbing fixtures, and electrical conduits. It creates a watertight barrier, preventing water from seeping into the building and causing damage.
  • Gutters and Box Gutters: Due to its non-slumping nature, the caulk can be used to seal gutters and box gutters effectively. It adheres securely to these surfaces, maintaining proper drainage and preventing water leakage.
  • Movement Joints: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is designed to work with movement joints, which are areas where structures experience expansion and contraction. It accommodates these movements while maintaining a strong bond, ensuring long-lasting and flexible seals.
  • Below-Ground Structures: The caulk is suitable for sealing below-ground structures, such as foundations and retaining walls. It provides a waterproof barrier, preventing water infiltration and protecting the integrity of the structures.
  • Continuous Immersion Applications: Once dried, VersEseal Rubber Caulk can be used in applications that involve continuous immersion in water. This makes it an excellent
    choice for sealing ponds, or other water features, providing reliable and long-lasting waterproofing.
  • Compatibility with VersEseal Products: VersEseal Rubber Caulk is designed to work seamlessly with the full range of VersEseal products. This allows for consistent and compatible waterproofing systems, ensuring optimal performance and ease of application.
  • Fine Detailing and Hard-to-Access Places: The caulk can be used in areas that require finer detailing or in hard-to-access places. Its convenient application and flexibility make it suitable for precise sealing tasks, ensuring comprehensive protection against water ingress.
  • Various Substrates: VersEseal Rubber Caulk exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, timber, metal, brick, and most panel systems. This versatility
    allows for its effective use in different construction and sealing projects.


VersEseal Rubber Caulk finds application in a wide range of areas such as roofing, wall and floor joints, penetrations, gutters, below-ground structures, and continuous immersion applications. Its compatibility with other VersEseal products, flexibility, and adhesion properties make it a reliable choice for comprehensive waterproofing and sealing solutions.


Safety Data Sheet – VersEseal Rubber Caulk

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