Stay Dry with Liquid Rubber Waterproof Paint from VersEseal

A flexible, easy-to-apply, DIY waterproof coating for caravan, motor home and RV roofs that offers excellent UV resistance for Australian conditions.


VersEseal's Waterproof Membrane Paint: The Perfect Solution for Your Roof or Gutter

Protect your roof from water damage with VersEseal's Waterproof Membrane Paint - an affordable solution that provides reliable and long-lasting waterproofing, saving you money on costly roof replacements.


Trust VersEseal's Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant for Your Property

VersEseal's Liquid Rubber Waterproof paint is not only dependable but also flexible, which means it can adapt to the natural movement of your pond without cracking or peeling, ensuring optimal protection for years to come.

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How can VersEseal Liquid Rubber help you?

Caravan & Motorhome Waterproofing

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Roof & Gutter Repair

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Ponds & Water Features

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Deck & Balcony Waterproofing

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Water Tank Repairs

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Marine Protection & Repair

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Trade & Commercial Applications

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Landscaping & other uses for Liquid Rubber

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Strong and Flexible Waterproof Coating

VersEseal Liquid Rubber is an outstanding waterproof coating that is not only incredibly strong but also remarkably stretchy. With the ability to stretch up to 800% and then return to its original shape and size, it offers unparalleled durability. This paintable waterproof coating is highly resistant to punctures and features self-healing properties that promote maximum reliability in all waterproofing applications.

Easy to Apply Waterproof Paint

The VersEseal waterproof membrane paint is exceptionally easy to apply by both professionals and DIYers alike. It can be applied by brush, roller, trowel or for large applications, using spray equipment. Our Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant has no hazardous fumes or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it suitable for use in confined spaces like water tanks.

A Sealant for all applications

VersEseal can be used for a large variety of professional and DIY waterproofing applications, such as roofs, decks, balconies, ponds, water tanks, retaining walls and even caravans! VersEseal products are resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and weathering, making it a long lasting choice for both indoor and outdoor waterproofing needs.

Australian Made and Owned

VersEseal are proudly Australian-made and committed to producing high-quality waterproof coatings for a variety of industries. Our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality management standards, ensuring that they meet or exceed the highest standards of quality and reliability every time. With a focus on innovation, versatility, and performance, VersEseal is a trusted provider of liquid rubber waterproof sealants for councils, businesses, and individuals across Australia and beyond.

The most trusted name in waterproof coatings and waterproofing membranes across all industries

VersEseal is an environmental friendly, volatile organic compound (VOC) free and potable water approved membrane. It is used to provide a fully adhered seamless waterproof membrane for concrete repair and sealing, waterproofing, plumbing, foundation sealing, waste water storage, pipe and sewerage lining, as well as water tank and reservoir repair/sealing. 

For more information on commercial applications please contact us or visit the LRM products website.

VersEseal Featured Products

Commercial Clients


Karla Cox
This is the BEST Water Sealing product!! Easy to apply and it really works
Chris van der Horst
Had a leak on my motor home roof around the hatches and the liquid rubber was easy to apply and looked good, I also used the white top coat to finish it off, would recommend this product
Geoff Grave
Daniel Maclulich (Dan)
It covers the area that is stated and is easy to use also it was urgent order and arrived within time , I would recommend Vereseseal after my experience with previous products .👍
Roger Whight
Purchased this product to reseal our 20 yr old Jayco after the roof leaked in a storm. Online videos were very helpful. Since applying we have had plenty of rain with no issues at all. Refreshed roof looks great.
steve pedvin
Great service and great UV safe product for my caravan roof.
Stuart Higgins
The product and service are fantastic great to deal with top marks
Brian Knox
Purchased Verseseal Multi-purpose Sealer and Non Skid Top Coat for balcony project. Very happy with the results. LRM were excellent with advice. The finished job looks great!
Rowland McGready
Outstanding service - product arrived within a couple of days. Very easy to apply and bonds well. Great product at a fabulous price.
Michael Mos
This sealing agent is very good and easy to use one thing I found is that the sealant is colour brown and turns black when dry which concerned me to start but when I checked it a little while later it was black. Where I used it was on the front of my trucks fuel tanks painting a thick layer to prevent stone from chipping the paint off. So far so good, a good product to work with Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

VersEseal is a highly versatile and effective sealing solution designed for various applications. It has excellent adhesive properties and sticks to a wide range of surfaces, including:

  • Concrete: VersEseal adheres well to concrete surfaces, making it suitable for sealing concrete roofs, water tanks, retaining walls, and other concrete structures.
  • Metal: It sticks firmly to metals such as steel, aluminium, and galvanized surfaces. This makes it ideal for sealing metal roofs, gutters, flashing, water tanks, silos, and other metal components.
  • Masonry: VersEseal adheres to masonry surfaces, including bricks, stones, and blocks. It can be used for sealing masonry walls, chimneys, and foundations.
  • Wood: It effectively sticks to wood surfaces, making it suitable for sealing wooden decks, fence posts, and other wood structures.
  • Bitumen: VersEseal adheres to bitumen surfaces commonly found in roads, pavements, flat roofs, and parking areas. It provides a reliable seal for such applications.
  • Fibreglass and Non-porous surfaces: Surfaces such as fibreglass, glass, plastics, and some types of tiles may require some additional preparation  or application of VersEseal Non Porous Primer prior to coating.

While VersEseal is compatible with many materials, there are certain surfaces that should be avoided for optimal
performance and adhesion:

  1. Silicone Sealants: Unfortunately nothing sticks to silicone including VersEseal. We recommend removing silicone wherever possible before application.
  2. Surfaces with oil or grease: It is important to ensure that surfaces are clean and free from oil, grease, or other contaminants before applying VersEseal. These substances can hinder proper adhesion and compromise the effectiveness of the seal.
  3. Surfaces with excessive moisture: VersEseal should not be applied to surfaces that are excessively wet or damp. Moisture can affect the bonding process and may lead to reduced adhesion.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the adhesion and effectiveness of VersEseal for your sealing needs. If you have specific questions regarding the compatibility of VersEseal with a particular surface, please give us a call on 1300 891 576 for personalised advice.

Yes, VersEseal is safe to use in various applications. It meets stringent safety standards to ensure both the user and the environment are protected.

VersEseal is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free. VOCs are chemicals that can have adverse health effects when released into the air, especially in enclosed environments. By being VOC free, VersEseal eliminates the risk of harmful emissions during and after application, promoting healthier air quality and minimizing potential health hazards
especially in confined spaces.

Both the VersEseal waterproofing membrane and the VersEseal Top Coat have undergone rigorous testing and received approval for potable water under AS 4020. This certification ensures that VersEseal meets strict standards for water contact and consumption. It guarantees that the membrane and top coat do not leach harmful substances, maintaining the quality and safety of any water that comes in contact with the sealed surfaces.

Whether you’re sealing water collecting roof surfaces, tanks, reservoirs, or other confined spaces, VersEseal provides both peace of mind and effective protection.

Unfortunately, nothing sticks to silicone, and it can leach solvents for many years which can effect the membrane so we recommend that you remove any silicone or other sealants prior to waterproofing with VersEseal. If there are small amounts that cannot be removed, we recommend bridging over them using geofabric. More information on this technique can be found in our application guides or please give us a call to talk through the process.

This depends on a few factors including how the surface was prepared prior to application and if the correct application rate and method was used. If applied according to the application instructions, we would expect it to last at least 7 years and we have many instances where it is still going strong 20+ year later!

For applications such as roofing, where aesthetics are important, we have developed the VersEseal Top Coat range to be used in conjunction with the VersEseal Waterproofing Membrane. The VersEseal Top Coat is specifically formulated to prevent any damage to the membrane, unlike solvent-based paints. It also has the ability to expand and contract along with the membrane, ensuring that it remains free from cracks and peeling that can occur

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