VersEseal Small Size Caravan and RV Waterproofing Bundle

When it comes to minor roof repairs on your caravan or motorhome, our Small DIY Caravan Repair bundle has everything you need to get started!

What’s Included:

  • 4kg VersEseal White Top Coat
  • 4kg VersEseal Rapid Build Waterproofing Membrane
  • 10Lm x 100mm Geo Fabric
  • 2 x Brushes


This kit suits minor repairs up to 4m2




The VersEseal Small Caravan & RV Waterproofing Repair Bundle is ideal for sealing around skylights, air conditioners, solar panels, and over joints or penetrations. If you have a small leak that requires a long-lasting repair, VersEseal is the answer. While there are many quickfix caravan roof sealants, such as silicone, which may temporarily solve the issue, they struggle to withstand the harsh Australian UV exposure and the constant movement experienced by your caravan roof during travel across our beautiful country.

The VersEseal Rapid Build caravan sealant has been specially formulated to flex and adapt to your vehicle’s movements, ensuring long-lasting waterproofing and an appealing appearance for years to come.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 21 × 21 cm




The VersEseal Rapid Build Waterproofing Membrane is only available in black. The VersEseal Top Coat comes in white as standard in this kit.


This Kit is ideal for minor repairs up to 4m2

  • Caravan Skylight Sealing

  • Motorhome Air Conditioner Sealing

  • Motorhome & RV Solar Panel Mounts
  • Waterproofing caravan vents
  • Reseal caravan roof joints and penetrations

  • Camper Trailer water proofing


Application Guide Caravan Sealant

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