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Premium Pond Sealer products for DIY Waterproofing

Tired of dealing with constant leaks in your pond? Need a reliable solution that guarantees a watertight seal? Look no further! Introducing VersEseal, the ultimate answer to your pond sealing woes.

As a leading concrete pond sealer and pond paint, VersEseal offers exceptional waterproofing capabilities that will keep your pond pristine and leak-free. But what truly sets VersEseal apart? It’s potable water approval to AS4020, ensuring the safety of your fish and other aquatic life. With its outstanding performance and fish-friendly nature, VersEseal is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a trustworthy and eco-friendly pond waterproofing solution. Don’t let leaks ruin your pond experience – choose VersEseal and enjoy a worry-free oasis today! 

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About our Pond Sealer Paint

VersEseal waterproofing membrane is a remarkable solution when it comes to sealing ponds and water features. Its flexibility allows it to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and ground movement, ensuring long-lasting protection. VersEseal is potable water approved to AS4020, meaning it is completely safe for fish and aquatic life. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a concrete pond sealer or fibreglass pond paint that won’t harm their beloved aquatic companions. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional applicator, this easy-to-use paint-on product guarantees hassle-free application. With its exceptional adhesion to various surfaces such as concrete, fibreglass, timber, rubber, and geotextile lining, VersEseal offers a reliable and versatile solution for sealing ponds and water features.

The Reliable Solution for Pond Leak Repairs

When it comes to pond applications, VersEseal waterproofing membrane truly excels in terms of long-lasting performance and seamless integration. Its flexible nature allows it to withstand the rigors of temperature fluctuations and ground movement, ensuring long-term resilience. Whether your pond is made of concrete, fibreglass, timber, rubber, or geotextile lining, VersEseal exhibits excellent adhesion, providing a reliable seal that prevents water leakage. With VersEseal, you can rest assured that your pond will be well-protected, ensuring a beautiful and worry-free water feature for years to come.

Seamless Pond Waterproofing Made Easy

VersEseal offers an easy, cost effective solution for sealing and waterproofing ponds. Whether you are an enthusiastic DIYer or a skilled pond professional, VersEseal offers simplicity and reliability. Applying VersEseal is a breeze, as it can be easily brushed, rolled, or sprayed using airless equipment. Say goodbye to pond leaks and repair dilemmas effortlessly, as VersEseal becomes your ultimate choice for hassle- free and effective pond sealing.

The Premium Pond Sealant for Australian Conditions

VersEseal takes pride in being an Australian company that excels in manufacturing top- notch sealants for waterproofing ponds. With a focus on excellence, our VersEseal membrane has received approval for potable water usage, adhering to the AS4020 standard. This guarantees their suitability for applications involving drinking water. Our commitment to maintaining stringent quality management practices is evident through the production of VersEseal under ISO 9001 certification. Rest assured that when you choose VersEseal, you are selecting a reliable and trusted solution for your pond waterproofing needs.

VersEseal is suitable for many pond applications including the following:

  • Pond Liner:
    VersEseal can be used as a liner for both small and large ponds. It provides a durable and flexible waterproofing barrier that prevents water seepage and ensures the longevity of the pond.
  • Water Fountain:
    VersEseal is suitable for waterproofing water fountains and cascades. It can be applied to the interior surfaces to create a watertight seal, preventing leaks and maintaining proper water circulation.
  • Reflecting Pool:
    VersEseal can be used to waterproof reflecting pools, ensuring that they retain water and create a smooth and reflective surface.
  • Waterfall:
    When constructing a waterfall, VersEseal can be applied to the rocks and surfaces to prevent water from escaping and ensure a continuous flow of water down the waterfall.
  • Fish Pond:
    VersEseal is safe for aquatic life, making it an ideal choice for waterproofing fish ponds. It creates a barrier that prevents water from seeping into the surrounding soil and provides a healthy environment for fish.
  • Dam or Reservoir:
    VersEseal can be used to waterproof dams and reservoirs, preventing water loss and maintaining the water level. It forms a strong, seamless seal that withstands hydrostatic pressure and keeps the water contained.
  • Water Garden:
    VersEseal is suitable for waterproofing water gardens, including features like streams, pools, and interconnected water elements. It helps maintain the desired water levels and prevents water loss.
  • Water Retention Structures:
    VersEseal can be used to waterproof various water retention structures such as holding tanks, water storage basins, and irrigation ponds. It ensures that the stored water remains contained and minimizes seepage.
  • Decorative Ponds and Features:
    VersEseal can be applied to decorative ponds, including koi ponds, garden ponds, and ornamental water features. It provides an effective waterproofing solution while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the feature.
  • Aquaponics Systems:
    VersEseal can be used in aquaponics systems to waterproof the various components involved. In aquaponics, fish waste provides nutrients for plants, and the plants, in turn, filter and purify the water for the fish. VersEseal can be applied to the fish tanks, grow beds, and plumbing connections to create a watertight seal, preventing any leakage and ensuring the efficient operation of the system. It helps maintain the water levels and prevents water loss, allowing for a sustainable and productive aquaponics setup.

How to Seal a Fish Pond

VersEseal Rapid Build is water based however, gloves, eye protections and overalls are recommended. Please read the full Safety Data Sheet before use.

1. Remove any old, failed sealant with a scraper, if possible. If it can’t be removed, treat the area like a gap and reinforce with geofabric as below.

2. Wash down to remove all dirt, dust and grime. A pressure washer is ideal for this. Allow to dry. The surface must have less then 10% moisture before proceeding.

3. Prepare Geofabric to reinforce along joins, around penetrations and over old sealant. It is much easier to pre-cut geofabric to size before starting to coat the membrane.

4. Brush the first coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over areas that need repair or additional reinforcement. Aim for a good thick coating of at least 1mm. Remember, you’re waterproofing, not painting – thick is good!

5. Lay geofabric bandage into the wet coating over joins and around penetrations. Ensure it is smooth with no creases or air pockets. You may need to cut a nick to allow the bandage to neatly conform to any corners or bends. If the fabric overlaps, paint some VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber between the layers to glue it together.

6. Immediately brush a second coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber aiming again for another good thick coating of at least 1mm to give a wet on wet sandwich with a total wet coating thickness of 2mm.

7. Allow the repaired area to dry. This will typically take about 24 hours at 25℃ with good ventilation.

8. The final sealing step will depend on the condition of your pond.

  • ENTIRE POND – Apply at least two generous coats of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over the entire pond to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1.2mm over the main
    pond area and 2.4mm over joints and repaired areas. Apply the first coat NorthSouth and the second coat East-West. Allow to dry for at least 24hrs between coats of VersEseal Rapid Build Membrane. After final coat of VersEseal Rapid Build Membrane, allow to dry for 5-7 days – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.
  • REPAIR ONLY – If your pond is sound apart from the areas that have been repaired: Apply a third good thick coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over the repaired areas, to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 2.4mm and allow to dry, allow to dry for 5-7 days – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.


9. If conditions are not optimal a longer drying time will be required – actual times will vary depending on season and location. If you are unsure or would like further guidance on this please give us a call.

In pond applications, VersEseal Rapid Build should be applied at a minimum total wet coating of 2kg/m2. Ensure this correct coating thickness is achieved to provide longevity.

Do not use this water based VOC Free coating system if rain or heavy dew are expected within 24hours. Apply at temperatures between 10℃ and 30℃. Avoid applying during the hottest part of the day.

For Cleaning up, use mineral turpentine to clean VersEseal Rapid Build from hard surfaces, use Baby Oil (Mineral oil) to clean from skin.

For the full application guide please click here.

If you have any questions at any stage of your caravan roof waterproofing project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for tips and advice!
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Pond Sealing Products

Discover the VersEseal Pond Sealer Paint – your ultimate solution for DIY pond waterproofing! With its flexible and potable water-approved membrane, VersEseal ensures long-lasting protection for your fish pond, water fountain, or water garden. Embrace hassle-free application and bid farewell to leaks. Seize the opportunity to seal your pond like a pro! Dive in now and experience the ease and reliability of VersEseal.

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VersEseal Rapid Build should be applied at a minimum of 1kg per square meter when used in pond sealing applications. For Substrates other than concrete or fibreglass, a thicker coating may be required. For more information, please give us a call on 1300 891 576 to discuss your particular needs.

Yes, VersEseal Pond paint is safe for fish. It is specifically designed to be fish-friendly and does not pose any harm to aquatic life. In fact, VersEseal Pond paint is potable water approved to AS4020, which means it is safe for use in drinking water reservoirs. This indicates that the product meets strict standards for water quality and is deemed safe for consumption.

VersEseal Pond paint is also suitable for hydroponics and aquaponics systems. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, while aquaponics combines hydroponics with aquaculture, creating a symbiotic environment for both plants and fish. The fact that VersEseal Pond paint is safe for use in these systems further reinforces its fish-friendliness.

VersEseal waterproofing membrane can be applied to a variety of surfaces when sealing ponds. Its excellent adhesion properties make it suitable for different materials commonly used in pond construction. Here are some of the surfaces where VersEseal can be effectively applied:

Concrete: VersEseal adheres exceptionally well to concrete surfaces, including poured concrete, precast concrete, and concrete blocks. It forms a strong bond, providing a durable and watertight seal for concrete ponds. For freshly poured concrete, please allow 28 days for outgassing prior to coating.

Fiberglass: VersEseal bonds effectively to fiberglass surfaces, ensuring a tight and reliable seal that protects against leaks. When applying to fibreglass, the surface should be scuffed slightly to provide additional adhesion strength.

Timber: VersEseal can be used to seal ponds made from timber or those with a timber framework. It adheres to the wood surface, creating a protective barrier against water penetration and preventing rotting or warping.

Rubber: Rubber liners are commonly used in pond construction, and VersEseal is compatible with such surfaces. It forms a strong bond with rubber, offering an effective seal that keeps water contained within the pond.

Geotextile lining: Geotextile liners are used to provide additional protection and reinforcement in ponds. VersEseal can be applied to geotextile linings, ensuring a secure seal and enhancing the overall waterproofing properties of the pond.

It’s important to note that VersEseal’s compatibility with these surfaces may vary depending on their condition and preparation. Proper surface preparation, including having a clean and dry substrate, is crucial for achieving optimal adhesion and sealing performance.

Yes, it is possible to coat over an existing black plastic or PVC liner using VersEseal. By doing so, you can provide additional protection and enhance the longevity of the liner. We recommend covering the entire surface of the liner to ensure full protection and a uniform application.

It’s important to consider the thickness of the existing plastic liner when applying VersEseal. Thicker liners may require adjustments in the application process to ensure proper adhesion and a seamless coating. Please give us a call on 1300 891 576 for specific guidelines and advice based on the thickness of your liner

Yes, VersEseal has been successfully used in numerous dam applications. Its unique properties and capabilities make it a reliable choice for sealing and protecting dams. VersEseal’s advanced technology provides effective waterproofing, durability, and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

With its proven track record in dam projects, VersEseal has demonstrated its ability to enhance the structural integrity and longevity of dams. Its application has contributed to the prevention of water leakage, seepage, and potential damage. VersEseal’s compatibility with various dam materials and construction techniques further adds to its versatility.

To learn more about how VersEseal can benefit your specific dam project, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of experts is available to provide further information, discuss your requirements, and offer tailored advice to ensure the successful implementation of VersEseal in your dam application.

VersEseal should be applied to reach the required thickness rather than for a number of coats. For ponds, a minimum of two coats is required to give a final Wet Film Thickness of 1mm at a minimum. This equates to 1kg per square meter. A thicker coating may be required depending on the substrate. Please contact us for specific advice for your project.

Do not use silicone or any other new gap filler or sealant to fill gaps prior to using VersEseal. These products can contain slow release solvents which can affect the VersEseal membrane. Any gaps should be filled with VersEseal Rubber Caulk and bridged over using the Geo Fabric method.

If you have old silicone or polyurethane sealants on your pond which are lifting and peeling, they will need to be removed to ensure you have a solid substrate to coat over. If small amounts of the sealant cannot be removed, treat it as if it’s a gap and bridge across it with Geo Fabric as shown in our application videos.

Our VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane is only available in black.

We manufacture all of our products in our Queensland factory. Experience has taught us it is much better to deal directly with our customers to give them the best advice for their individual project. Therefore, VersEseal products can only be purchased direct from us online, over the phone or in person.

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