VersEseal Medium Box Gutter Repair Kit

The VersEseal Medium Roof & Gutter Repair kit, is perfect for areas up to 8m². It’s the convenient solution you need to effectively waterproof your gutters, box gutters, and flashing. Our kit contains the following components to get you started:

  • 8kg VersEseal Rapid Build Waterproofing Membrane
  • 2 x 300ml VersEseal Rubber Caulk
  • 20Lm x 100mm Geo Fabric
  • 1 x Brush


Please note that both the VersEseal Waterproofing Membrane and Rubber Caulk dry in a black colour. To seamlessly match your existing finish, we recommend exploring our VersEseal Top Coat range, specially formulated to work in harmony with the flexibility of the
VersEseal waterproofing membrane. The top coat is available in Colorbond colours to ensure a cohesive and visually pleasing result.




The VersEseal Medium Gutter Repair Kit

is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify your gutter repair process. This kit includes all the necessary components to effectively waterproof your gutters, box gutters, and flashing, covering an area of up to 8m². Bid farewell to leaky gutters as you embrace a long-lasting and dependable solution at a fraction of the cost of gutter replacement.

Here’s what you’ll find in our all-inclusive kit:

  • VersEseal Membrane

    (8kg): Experience the outstanding waterproofing capabilities of our high-performance liquid rubber membrane. Engineered with advanced technology, this membrane creates a durable and watertight seal, shielding your gutters from potential leaks and damage caused by the elements.

  • VersEseal Rubber Caulk

    (2 x 300ml): Seal stubborn gaps and joints effortlessly with our versatile rubber caulk. Tailor-made for gutter repair applications, this caulk offers exceptional adhesion and flexibility, ensuring an easy installation process and a secure, long-lasting bond.

  • Geofabric (20m x 100mm): Strengthen your gutter repairs with our premium geofabric. This robust fabric enhances the durability and resilience of the VersEseal membrane, providing superior protection against leaks and potential damage.
  • Brush (1 included): As part of the kit, you’ll receive a brush for application. Achieve smooth and even coverage, ensuring that every inch of your gutters receives the necessary waterproofing protection.

Please note that both the VersEseal Waterproofing Membrane and Rubber Caulk dry in black. For a seamless match with your existing gutter, we highly recommend exploring our VersEseal Top Coat range. Specifically formulated to complement the flexibility of the VersEseal waterproofing membrane, our top coat is available in a variety of Colorbond colours. Achieve a cohesive and visually appealing result that enhances the overall look of your gutter repair project.

Don’t allow leaking gutters and deteriorating gutter joints to compromise the integrity of your home. With the VersEseal Medium Gutter Repair Kit, you have the power to restore and safeguard your gutters easily and at a fraction of the cost of complete gutter replacement. Invest in the exceptional quality and reliability of VersEseal today, ensuring optimal gutter performance even in the harshest weather conditions.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 21 × 21 cm


The VersEseal Liquid Rubber Membrane and Rubber Caulk are only available in black. For our full range of Coloured Top Coats please click here.


The VersEseal Medium Box Gutter repair kit offers strong adhesion on various roof and gutter materials such as galvanized and Colorbond metal, concrete, asbestos, timber, unglazed tile, decramastic, and coolroom panels. Its flexible waterproofing membrane can bridge different surface materials that expand and contract at different rates due to temperature changes. For example, when applied to a joint between a metal roof and a rendered surface, the VersEseal membrane stretches and contracts to maintain a secure and durable seal, effectively preventing water penetration. This unique feature ensures reliable waterproofing performance for an extended period, giving reassurance even when facing varying thermal stresses and material movements.


Application Guide Box Gutter Repair Kit

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