VersEseal Motorhome & Caravan Roof Sealant

An easy-to-use DIY waterproofing solution for your RV, motor home or caravan

Is your Caravan or RV roof surface starting to leak or deteriorate? Is it getting chalky? Then the VersEseal waterproofing system is the perfect leak repair and restoration solution for you.

VersEseal’s liquid rubber waterproof paint is an ideal solution for caravan roof waterproofing, as it is specially formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions, movement and UV exposure. With its seamless and flexible finish, VersEseal provides long-lasting protection against water damage and leaks, ensuring your caravan stays dry and protected.

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About our Caravan Sealant

The VersEseal system is perfect for waterproofing caravan roofs, motorhome roofs, RV and bus roofs and for protecting against stone chips. There are many quick-fix caravan roof sealants such as silicone which might get you out of trouble in the short term, but these struggle to hold up to the harsh Australian UV and the movement that your caravan roof is subjected to when traveling around our beautiful country.

Durable caravan roof sealant paint

VersEseal's high level of UV resistance and flexibility make it an excellent choice for camper trailers, caravans, RVs, motorhomes and buses. Its UV resistance ensures it remains strong and intact for years to come, while its flexibility allows it to adapt to changes in temperature and movement, maintaining a secure and watertight seal. VersEseal is compatible with a wide range of caravan roof materials, including metal, fiberglass and rubberised roofs (EPDM or TPO).

Easy DIY application

VersEseal rubber paint for caravan roofs is the easy and effective DIY waterproofing solution that the professionals use. It can be easily applied with a roller or brush, giving attractive long-lasting results without the need for a full caravan roof replacement. By using VersEseal, caravan owners can save on costly repairs due to water damage and ensure their vehicle is protected for years to come.

Caravan Sealant - for Australian conditions

As a proudly Australian -made company, we specialize in providing high- quality waterproofing solutions. All our products are manufactured locally, which supports the local economy and ensures a reliable supply chain. We prioritise safety and make sure that our products are safe to use. Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees the quality and consistency of our products, and we strive to deliver excellent results to our customers every time.

VersEseal is the best sealant for caravan roofs and more, including:

  • DIY Caravan waterproofing:
    VersEseal provides an easy-to-use solution for DIY enthusiasts to waterproof their caravans. Its liquid form allows for convenient application, ensuring a seamless and watertight seal.
  • Caravan roof leaks and repairs:
    VersEseal is specifically designed to address caravan roof leaks and repairs. Its durable and flexible properties enable it to seal cracks, gaps, and damaged areas, preventing water intrusion and further damage to the caravan’s interior.
  • Pop top Caravans:
    Pop top caravans with retractable roofs can benefit from VersEseal’s waterproofing capabilities. It can be applied to the roof’s surface, creating a protective barrier that withstands the elements and keeps the interior dry.
  • Trailers, camper trailers:
    VersEseal is suitable for sealing and protecting trailers and camper trailers. It forms a resilient membrane that guards against leaks, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment during camping trips.
  • Mobile Home, Motorhome, RV, Campervan, Bus:
    VersEseal can be used on a wide range of mobile homes, motorhomes, RVs, campervans, and buses. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for sealing and waterproofing various vehicle types, providing peace of mind during travels.
  • Various Surface Types:
    vinyl roof, rubber roof (EPDM or TPO), fiberglass roof, painted aluminium roof: VersEseal is compatible with different roof surfaces commonly found in caravans, including vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, and painted aluminium. It adheres well to these surfaces, creating a strong and resilient waterproof barrier.
  • Compatible with many brands:
    VersEseal can be used on popular caravan models such as Winnebago Esperance, Winnebago Alpine, Toyota Coaster, Jayco Freedom, Lotus, Viscount, New Age, Millard, Rivenlee, Viscount Supreme, Avida Ceduna, Coromal, Sunliner, Mercedes Sprinter, and Swagman. It provides reliable waterproofing and protection for these brands and more.
  • Sealing – skylights, air conditioners, solar panels etc.:
    In addition to caravan roofs, VersEseal can be used for sealing various components on caravans, such as skylights, air conditioners, solar panels, and other protrusions. It ensures a watertight seal around these areas, preventing leaks and potential water damage.

How to Repair a Leaking Caravan Roof

Both VersEseal Rapid Build and VersEseal Top Coat are water based however, gloves, eye protections and overalls are recommended. Please read the full Safety Data Sheet before use.

1. Remove any old, failed sealant with a scraper, if possible. If it can’t be removed, treat the area like a gap and reinforce with geofabric as below. Do not use any other sealants prior to applying VersEseal Rapid Build. Some sealants will effect full curing of the VersEseal membrane.

2. Wash down to remove all dirt, dust and grime. A pressure washer is ideal for this. Allow to dry.

3. Lightly abrade the surface to maximise adhesion, use a medium grit sand paper. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust.

4. Apply masking tape to give a clean edge to areas that are not to be coated. PROTIP: Remove masking tape while the coating is still wet and re-mask for each coat.

5. Prepare Geofabric to reinforce along joins, around penetrations and over old sealant. It is much easier to pre-cut geofabric to size before starting to coat the membrane.

6. Brush the first coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over areas that need repair or additional reinforcement. Aim for a good thick coating. Remember, you’re waterproofing, not painting – thick is good!

7. Lay geofabric bandage into the wet coating over joins and around penetrations. Ensure it is smooth with no creases or air pockets. You may need to cut a nick to allow the bandage to neatly conform to any corners or bends. If the fabric overlaps, paint some VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber between the layers to glue it together.

8. Immediately brush a second coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber aiming again for another good thick coating to give a wet on wet sandwich with a total wet coating thickness of 1mm.

9. Allow the repaired area to dry. This will typically take about 4 hours at 25℃ with good ventilation. 

10. The final sealing step will depend on the condition of your roof.

  • ENTIRE ROOF – If you have a rubber roof, powdery paint or general leaking issues: Apply two generous coats of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over the entire roof to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 0.6mm over the main roof area and 1.2mm over joints and repaired areas. Apply the first coat North-South and the second coat East-West. Allow to dry for at least 4hrs between coats of VersEseal Rapid Build Membrane. After final coat of VersEseal Rapid Build Membrane, allow to dry for 96hrs before applying VersEseal Top Coat – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.
  • REPAIR ONLY – If your roof is sound apart from the areas that have been repaired: Apply a third good thick coat of VersEseal Rapid Build liquid rubber over the repaired areas, to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1.2mm and allow to dry, allow to dry for 96hrs before applying VersEseal Top Coat – assuming good drying conditions of 25℃ and good ventilation.


11. Allow the VersEseal Rapid Build membrane to dry for a minimum of 96hrs in good drying conditions (25℃ with good ventilation / breeze). If conditions are not optimal a longer drying time will be required – actual times will vary depending on season and location. If you are unsure or would like further guidance on this please give us a call.

NOTE: VersEseal Rapid Build should be applied at a minimum total wet coating of 1kg/m2. Ensure this correct coating thickness is achieved to provide longevity.

12. Using a clean brush or roller, apply the first coat of VersEseal Top Coat over the Rapid Build Waterproofing. This may show some bleed through from the black colour underneath. Allow to dry, typically this will take 2 hours at 25℃ with good ventilation.

13. Apply the second coat of VersEseal Top Coat and allow to dry. A third coat may be required depending on application technique to achieve full coverage.

14. The final product should have a DFT of 0.5mm of Top Coat on top of the VersEseal Rapid Build.

15. Allow VersEseal Top Coat to dry for 24 hours in good drying conditions (25C with good ventilation / breeze as described above)

NOTE: VersEseal Top Coat should be applied at a minimum total wet coating of 1kg/m2. Ensure this correct coating thickness is achieved to provide longevity.

Do not use this water based VOC Free coating system if rain or heavy dew are expected before fully dried. Apply at temperatures between 10℃ and 30℃. Avoid applying during the hottest part of the day.

For Cleaning up, use mineral turpentine to clean VersEseal Rapid Build from hard surfaces, use Baby Oil (Mineral oil) to clean from skin. Verseseal Top Coat can be cleaned with water.

For the full application guide please click here.

If you have any questions at any stage of your caravan roof waterproofing project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for tips and advice!
Ph: 1300 891 576

Caravan, RV & Motorhome Waterproofing Bundle Packs

When it comes to waterproofing your caravan or motorhome, our DIY caravan packs have everything you need to get you started! Our packs come in multiple sizes to suit everything from minor caravan or pop top roof repairs up to large RV and Fifth Wheeler roof sealing. Included in each kit are brushes, geo fabric, rollers, our VersEseal Waterproofing sealant and VersEseal Top Coat to leave your caravan with the perfect finish.

VersEseal is a trusted solution that offers exceptional waterproofing and sealing properties for caravans and mobile homes. Its versatility, durability, and compatibility with different surfaces make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, ensuring a watertight and protected environment for your travels.

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If your roof has old silicone or polyurethane sealants that are lifting or peeling, you must remove them to ensure a solid surface to coat over. If you can’t remove all the sealant, treat the remaining amount as if it were a gap. You can bridge over the gap with Geo Fabric, as shown in our application videos. Do not use silicone or any other new gap filler or sealant to fill gaps before using VersEseal. These products may contain slow-release solvents that can affect the VersEseal membrane. Instead, use the Geo Fabric method to bridge over any gaps.

Small Bundle – For applications up to 4m2 – Suitable for small repairs, camper trailers, small caravans
Medium Bundle – For vehicles up to 4m long (14ft) or 8m2 – Suitable for medium size Caravans
Large Bundle – For vehicles 4-6.5m long (14-23ft) or 15m2 – Suitable for Larger Caravans and motorhomes
Extra Large Bundle – For vehicles 7m+ (24ft+) or 30m2 – suitable for Large RV’s, Fifth Wheelers and buses.

We manufacture all of our products in our Queensland factory. Based on our experience, we believe it is more beneficial to engage directly with our customers, enabling us to provide tailored advice for their specific projects. As a result, VersEseal products are exclusively available for purchase through our online platform, over the phone, or in person, and are not currently stocked in stores. You can find our online shop here:

Yes, we may be able to apply your VersEseal Caravan Waterproofing Kit for you. We currently have a long waitlist due to high demand, but we strive to accommodate as many customers as possible. In addition, we can also recommend local applicators experienced in using VersEseal for caravan and motorhome roof sealing who may be able to assist you in a timely manner. Please give us a call on 1300 891 576 to discuss.

For further advice about your Caravan Waterproofing project, please get in touch using the form below or Give us a call on 1300 891 576.

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