VersEseal Coloured Roof Sealant Top Coat – 10kg


VersEseal White Top Coat is for use over VersEseal Rapid Build Liquid Rubber and can be used to improve the aesthetics of the surrounding area too. VersEseal White Top Coat has been specially formulated to flex with the VersEseal Rapid Build and not flake or peel.

VersEseal Liquid Rubber is a premium waterproof coating suitable for a wide range of projects around the house, yard, or building site. A must-have for the shed or toolbox, VersEseal Liquid Rubber is the perfect go-to for any waterproofing or corrosion control projects you need to get done.

VersEseal sets quickly to create a durable membrane. It automatically molds to whatever shape it is applied to, is made to withstand continually wet conditions and has been formulated with tough Australian conditions in mind- It’s completely UV and flame resistant.

Capable of up to 800% elongation and stretching and then returning to original shape/size as necessary. No problems with cracking due to ground movement, unlike other solutions. Self-healing properties to assist with reliability in all conditions.

Easily applied by brush or roller.

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Excellent adhesion to Caravan Roofs and also Concrete, timber, steel, ceramic tile and most other surfaces 

  • Non-toxic; non-hazardous
  • UV Resistant
  • Slip Resistance in dry or wet conditions - AS4586
  • Light colours have excellent heat reflection
  • Noise dampening
  • Eliminates the growth of mould
  • Suitable for confined space work
  • Seals over high-movement expansion joints
  • Water -based, VOC Free, Not Dangerous Goods
  • Australian made in SEQLD under ISO9001:2015 Quality system
  • Prevents metal oxidisation and corrosion


Verseseal has been used by:

  • Gold Coast Water                                                                             • SEQ Water
  • Sydney Water                                                                                    • Water Corp
  • Sydney Light Rail                                                                               • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Zoos Australia                                                                                    • Australian Department of Defence
  • New Zealand Department of Defence                                           • Rio Tinto
  • Santos                                                                                                 • The Coal Mining Industry
  • Wes Farmers                                                                                      • University of Queensland
  • Queensland University of Technology                                           • Brisbane Airport
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Contractors


How you can use VersEseal

VersEseal Top Coat sticks to concrete, wood, metal, plastic, and most other material. With the exception of hydrocarbons, some solvents and petroleum products, VersEseal can be used for almost any home or commercial project. With no hazardous fumes and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), application is easy even in confined spaces using brush, trowel or spray equipment. Solutions are optimised to any environment – innovative, flexible, high quality and 100% Australian made.


Use VersEseal Top Coat over VersEseal Rapid Build Liquid Rubber on:        

  • Caravans & RV's
  • Tile, Timber, Concrete or Metal Roofs
  • Light Traffic Decks (with grip additive)
  • Boat Decks (with grip additive)


Application Guidelines:

  • Wash down to remove all dirt, a pressure washer is ideal for this, and allow to dry.
  • Lightly abrade the surface to maximise adhesion, use a medium grit sand paper. Wipe with damp cloth to remove sanding dust.
  • Use masking tape to give a clean edge to areas which are not to be coated. PRO TIP: Remove masking tape while the coating is still wet and re-mask for each coat.
  • Pre-cut geofabric to size before starting to coat the membrane.
  • Apply first coat of VersEseal Rapid build with a brush, aim for a good thick coating.
  • Lay geofabric Bandage into wet coating, take time to smooth the geofabric and ensure there are no creases.
  • Immediately apply a second coat of VersEseal Rapid Build with a brush aiming again for another good thick coating.
  • Allow coating to dry, this will typically take 4 hours at 25C and good ventilation.
  • Apply a third good thick coat of VersEseal Rapid Build to achieve a final Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1.2mm and allow to dry.
  • Using a clean brush, apply the first coat of VersEseal White Top Coat over the Rapid Build Waterproofing, this may show some bleed through from the Black colour underneath.  Allow to dry, typically this will take 2 hours at 25C and good ventilation.
  •  Apply the second coat of VersEseal White Top and allow to dry. A third coat may be required depending on application technique to achieve full coverage.
  • The final product should have a DFT of 1.2mm of Rapid Build Black and 0.5mm of Top Coat White.

For further tips and advice, application demonstration videos are available on our website and Facebook Page.

Note: Do not use this water based VOC Free coating system if rain or heavy dew are expected. Apply between 10C and 30C. Avoid applying during the hottest part of the day.

For Cleaning up, use mineral turpentine to clean VersEseal Rapid Build from hard surfaces, use Baby Oil (Mineral oil) to clean from skin. Verseseal Top Coat can be cleaned with water.

With proper application where the required product thickness has been achieved, VersEseal has a lifespan of up to 10 years.


Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 27 cm

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